Workshops & Programes

I work with hospitality decision-makers and leaders to increase operational and leadership performance, thus creating resilient businesses.

A great workshop can make you rethink, connect and create the space to listen and understand. It has the power to influence, guide and develop a team’s self-confidence and trust. As well as training in skills, topics, and information that need to be shared.

I co-create with you a selection of workshops to facilitate sessions that will inspire, engage and build great communication.

Workshops consist of either;• Facilitated problem-solving, collective solutions and decisions making actions• Developing business strategies• Leadership skills training – we offer a catalogue of skills to choose from (please ask for a brochure). Though we believe the key to making it stick, is not to offer broad leadership skills but to find your team's pain points and offer skills that help them resolve that ISSUE.• The 3 Stages of Leadership 4-week programme – 1. Self-leadership. 2. How to influence and make an impact. 3. Leadership of other• Leadership toolbox – a catalogue of effective modern management frameworks

What I do best is see the obstacles and guide all towards the solutions. These workshops change the destiny of your teams and your business.

Witness the evolution of your team, as they embrace productivity, development, and a profound sense of belonging.



There are several ways we can work together.

1 to 1 Leadership Guidance

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Workshops & Programmes

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Retained Monthly Leadership & Development

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Free Training

How to run a 9-minute meeting.

Download this free worksheet using a simple tool that has revolutionised how numerous hospitality businesses conduct their meetings and can also transform yours now.